Get rewards from your favorite brands !

Circl is the first app that rewards you for being an advocate of your favorite brands on social media. No minimum followers required.

How does it work?

1. Find brand campaigns on Circl

2. Choose your favorite brand campaigns

3. Create content on your social media

4. Collect your rewards on Circl

Rewards made for you

High value discounts

Gift Cards & Cashback

Early access to products

Limited edition products

Why Circl?

Because brand stories are better told by you

Open to all

No minimum followers required.
Influencer marketing is not reserved to an elite. Brands are defined by the sum of all its consumers, not by a few.


You trust your circl and your circl trusts you, which makes you the best person to tell the brand story.

You deserve it

Our favorite brands bring joy in our life when we experience them. At circl, we think you deserve to be rewarded for being such a great advocate.

Get closer to your favorite brands now !

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